Meet The Board of Directors

The board of directors for the Orange County Language Center consists of eleven members. These women and men bring a wealth of experience from a broad range of professional experience. The board of directors is comprised of the following individuals:

  • David Frias – President and Vice President, OCCLC and Network Operations Manager at Extron Electronics.
  • Dr. Judy Montgomery – Executive Director, OCCLC and Professor, Director, Communication Sciences and Program at Chapman University.
  • Dr. Mary Kennedy – Member & Professor, Chair, Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at Chapman University
  • Anne Hertz – Director of Public Relations, OCCLC and Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress, CA.
  • Nick Villaseñor – Secretary
  • Jeff Tran – Treasurer, OCCLC and ERP Systems Manager at Extron Electronics
  • Tom Olsen – Board Member
  • Andrew Todd – Board Member
  • Jim Andronaco – Board Member and President of Sidepath Inc.
  • Mike Selix – Board Member and President of MGS Unlimited Inc.
  • Peter Jantz – Board Member, Emeritus
  • Donald Tapia – Board Member, Emeritus

Joining the Board of Directors

Like any charitable organization, The Orange County Childhood Language Center Board members are expected to make a financial commitment to our programs, to identify their interests and preferences for advancing the Language Center goals, and to abide by the Code of Conduct, which outlines ethical commitments board members make to the Center, the Scottish Rite foundation and to each other.

All board members are engaged on at least one committee, which typically meets at a designated location or by phone and works in cooperation with the staff.

The OC CLC board meets 12 times a year. Board members represent a broad demographic of business men/women and educators and are expected to personally attend board meetings.

Incoming board candidates must secure nominations from 7 existing OC CLC members. To be considered, all candidates must provide brief answers to the questions below:

  1. What unique talents do you offer that will benefit the OC CLC?
  2. What is your connection to the community?
  3. What personal commitments should the OC CLC and SR Foundation expect from you?
  4. As you think about your role as a board member, what area do you think you will be most active?
  5. What expectations do you have of the OC CLC staff and current Board of Directors?
  6. What are your personal dreams or aspirations in regards to “keeping the OC CLC operational” that will enhance your service on this board?

When nominations are submitted, the Board will evaluate the submission. Candidates who are invited to proceed in the nomination process will be contacted by a Committee member to discuss their backgrounds, and the level of their commitment for advancing the work of the Orange County Childhood Language Center.