The The RiteCare® Childhood Language Center of Orange County provides a family focused environment where children increase their communication skills and build self confidence. The Language Center serves children in need of speech and language services with no fee required, although donations are certainly appreciated.

The Center offers complete speech and language diagnostic evaluations from age 2-16 as well as individual or small group speech and language therapy services.

Speech/Language Development Guidelines

By 1-2 Years…

A child should follow simple directions, combine two or more words and ask simple questions.

By 2-3 Years…

A child should follow a 2-step direction, understand simple opposites, use 2-3 word sentences, and have words for his/her environment.

By 3-4 Years…

A child can answer who, what, where, and why questions, talk about things he/she sees and does, and use 4 or more words in a sentence.

Seek Professional Consultation if…

  • There is no communication by age 1.
  • Speech is not easily understandable.
  • A child does not understand others.
  • Speech is different from other children of the same age.


The The RiteCare® Childhood Language Center of Orange County receives referrals from many sources including, parents, schools, agencies, health professionals and other centers.

How to Enroll a Child in the Center

Please e-mail us at info@oclanguagecenter.org or call (714) 972-2646.